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About Spelt

What to know About Spelt



Spelt is an ancient, NON-GMO grain that is slowly making a come-back in the United States.

It has many properties that people are looking for: primarily, it tends to be easier to digest and doesn’t cause uncomfortable bloating that some people experience when they eat hard red or hard white modern day wheat. This is because spelt is more water-soluble—meaning it breaks down easier in your body and has a simpler chromosome structure for your body to digest.

Some people who are sensitive to wheat or have gluten intolerance have been known to be able to use spelt in their diets.


Note: Spelt is not gluten-free, but the gluten will break down easier in your body.

Wheat Crop

Better than Organic?
Read about our Growing Practices

Just because something says it is organic, doesn’t mean there were no chemicals used growing it, and reports say those organic chemicals are more toxic than conventional ones.

We typically use an early herbicide, just to hold back the weeds so we actually have a crop to grow and don’t mix our grain with wild oats, barley, or something else that would contaminate it. We also use fertilizer (it’s like taking vitamins) to maintain soil and crop health.

Sometimes, when the plant is deprived of nutrients, it will make its own toxins, so we had our grain tested and it came back clean with the report “no detection” from the Food Lab we sent it to. They conducted a thorough test to make sure it was clean from any chemical residue. Rest at ease when you buy from us. We will continue to test it to ensure the highest quality we can provide.

We frequently get asked about glyphosate; we do not use glyphosate to ripen our grain or during the growing process. Glyphosate kills things and we allow our grain to ripen naturally - using wind, sun and time.

Homemade Bread

How do I use Spelt in Recipes?

Spelt is fairly easily substituted into most recipes calling for flour. So, don’t throw away your old recipes that you love and think you’ll never enjoy again. It just might take a few minor adjustments and a little practice.


That said, sometimes spelt can be a little more heavy, and dense when making bread and cookies - similar to using a hard red wheat, however, when I mix grains (like adding Khorasan to the flour mix) the results lighten the texture and makes an even better tasting product that is lighter and tastier than using the spelt by itself.

Some people do prefer using spelt by itself. And it does great in sourdough recipes. It is all a matter of taste and preference. There is no one right way to do things here. 

Spelt comes in 25 lb bags and will be boxed prior to shipment for protection as it is shipped to your door.

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