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About Khorasan

What Khorasan all about 


What is Khorasan Wheat?

Khorasan is a larger sized banana shaped kernel - an ancient grain related and compared to Durum wheat. It is also similar to Kamut® Grain - because of a trademarked name used to brand Khorasan grain.


It is a NON-GMO grain. Some people who are sensitive or experience gluten intolerance to wheat have been known to be able to use Khorasan in their diets. Khorasan, like spelt, is more easily digested, more water-soluble, and tends to be more friendly with gluten-intolerant people because of it's simpler chromosome structure.

Note: Khorasan is not gluten-free, but the gluten will break down much easier in your body.

Wheat Field

Better than Organic?
Read about our Growing Practices

Just because something says it is organic, doesn’t mean there were no chemicals used growing it, and reports say those organic chemicals are more toxic than conventional ones.

We typically use an early herbicide, just to hold back the weeds so we actually have a crop to grow and don’t mix our grain with wild oats, barley, or something else that would contaminate it. We also use fertilizer (it’s like taking vitamins) to maintain soil and crop health.

Sometimes, when the plant is deprived of nutrients, it will make its own toxins, so we had our grain tested and it came back clean with the report “no detection” from the Food Lab we sent it to. They conducted a thorough test to make sure it was clean from any chemical residue.

Rest at ease when you buy from us. We will continue to test it to ensure the highest quality we can provide.

We frequently get asked about glyphosate; we do not use glyphosate to ripen our grain or during the growing process. Glyphosate kills things and we allow our grain to ripen naturally - using wind, sun and time.

Kneading Dough

How do I use Khorasan in Recipes?

Khorasan is best used in noodle or pasta recipes or even in cakes, donuts, pie crusts, and pastries. It makes great bread, even baguettes, when used by itself. It even works really well feeding your sourdough start and making sourdough bread.

Don't worry though, we've used it for all sorts of recipes and it works great. The trick is to use 25% less Khorasan flour when substituting it into your favorite recipes. If you need to add a touch more flour, it is easier to do that than to remove flour from your recipes. 

I use Khorasan regularly in most of my recipes. I love using it in my bread. I've used it by itself and my favorite is when I mix it with spelt and hard white wheat  and it turns out great! I love mixing grains when baking bread. They work incredibly well together. 

We have a few options for ordering Khorasan - We have 

Khorasan Whole Grain Berries

Khorasan White All-Purpose Flour

Both come in 25 lb bags and will be boxed prior to shipment for protection as they are shipped to your door.

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