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I have a new option for spelt… I can ship 25 lbs bag of grain to you for a flat rate, if you live in the continental 48 states. There will be no additional shipping cost as you check out (choose the FREE SHIPPING option for this 25 lb product, only). You can order as many bags as you like this way. 



or the growers – of the spelt grain sold on this website. We grow it, have it cleaned, bagged and then ready for your purchase. There is a limited supply because we only sell what we grow here; we do not source spelt out from other growers. Harvest is in September and then it is cleaned and usually ready to be shipped out in October.



Spelt is an ancient, NON-GMO grain that is slowly making a come-back in the United States. It has many properties that people are looking for: for one, it tends to be easier to digest and doesn’t cause uncomfortable bloating that some people experience when they eat other wheat. This is because spelt is more water-soluble—meaning it breaks down easier in your body.

Some people who are sensitive to wheat have been known to be able to use spelt in their diets. Note: Spelt is not gluten-free, but the gluten will break down easier in your body.


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Spelt Grain - 25 lb bag

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25lb bag spelt grain
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  • Our spelt grain is triple-cleaned, GMO-free, and the Maverick variety—perfect for baking and sprouting. It is also irrigated—which makes a huge difference when you try to grind it into flour. Irrigated spelt will maintain consistent, plump kernels with a bit less bran while non-irrigated spelt, or dry-land-grown spelt, will have a higher protein, but will have more bran—meaning you could have more shrunken kernels, and it may tend to gum up your grinder a little more. They also tend to be a little more “tough.”

    We sell our Idaho, family-grown spelt in 25 lb bags (special order available for 50 lb bags) of whole kernels (berries). You will need a grain mill to make flour. When you grind spelt into flour, it is naturally light in color and ready for baking. Keep Spelt flour in a cool, dark place to maintain its excellent nutrient value.

    We repeatedly average a protein count of 11-13, which is great for baking and creating a consistent product.


Tamina A

average rating is 5 out of 5

I love the kamut grain it is my favorite grain! I use it everyday. We make pancakes, muffins, all kinds of breads: sourdough, regular, banana, pumpkin, and cakes with the kamut we grind into flour. We also really love to make cereal out of it. It has an amazing flavor, we grind it and boil it like cracked wheat cereal. We also grind it up a little finer and make a finer cereal. We absolutely love kamut and use it anytime we would use flour even to thicken gravies. We also get spelt for our extended family who can't do gluten. Thank you so much food dudes for providing such wonderful products!!! I have shared things I've made from kamut I have ground into flour with many many people and they always love it and want some!


average rating is 5 out of 5

I absolutely love their grain! I purchase 25lb bags of khorasan and spelt. I love to support local farmers and Food Dudes are fantastic!


average rating is 5 out of 5

Just bought some spelt from Jamie at Food Dudes. I'm experimenting with sprouted grain bread to lower glycemic index. I've read that fresh grain sprouts faster...this grain sprouts within 24 hours! So excited to have a source for locally grown top quality grains!

Taz Razz

average rating is 5 out of 5

I love coming to the Food Dudes produce stand. I have gotten quality produce here for years! And when I found I couldn’t have wheat, I discovered that they grow both spelt and Khorasan Kamut!! These grains are so yummy. I use the Kamut to make bread, and the spelt to make muffins and non yeast items.

Vickie S

average rating is 5 out of 5

What a blessing to have spelt grown locally and you can't beat the awesomeness of just picking up in bulk straight from the farmer! Ours was super clean and we made lots of yumminess for our gluten sensitive kids.

J Joyce

average rating is 5 out of 5

We've shopped Food Dudes for a few years and they are the best! Absolutely the finest quality grains and produce around! Local farmers serving the community with healthy and affordable food. And their stellar customer service proves they actually care about people. It doesn't get much better than that! So blessed to have them in our community!

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